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Pst Ezekiel to Bongo Artists: “Hamna nyota ya Ndoa”

Pst Ezekiel Odero

Pst Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Church took the opportunity to address the complex issues surrounding relationships and family dynamics, specifically focusing on the habits of certain Bongo Flava musicians.


In his Mavueni mega church sermon, Pst Ezekiel addressed the hardships of those grappling with broken relationships, abandonment, and single parenthood.

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He directly alluded to a well-known Bongo Flava artist, widely speculated to be Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz.

This artist has gained attention for both his high-profile romances and his numerous children from various relationships.

Pst Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Church during a sermon [Photo/Courtesy]
Pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Church during a sermon [Photo/Courtesy]

Pastor Ezekiel’s sermon came to a head when a member of the congregation approached him, seeking guidance on his own marital issues.

The congregant revealed that he had a history of breaking up with women he had impregnated, drawing a parallel to the alleged actions of the Bongo Flava artist. In response, Pastor Ezekiel seized the moment to address the artist’s controversial love life.

Photo Coillage of Bongo Artists and Pst Ezekiel [Photo/Courtesy]
Photo Coillage of Bongo Artists and Pastor Ezekiel [Photo/Courtesy]

There is a Tanzanian Bongo artiste who gives women children and dumps them. Interestingly, whenever he makes a move on women, they don’t shy away from him. The women think they are the one,” Pst Ezekiel remarked, alluding to the artist’s pattern of behavior.

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The pastor went on to reflect on the broader implications of such actions, expressing concern for the children left in the wake of these relationships and emphasizing the importance of commitment and family stability.

He cited instances where the artist allegedly fathered children with different women, only to move on to the next relationship without fulfilling the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood.

Zuchu and Diamond Platinumz [Photo/Courtesy]
Zuchu and Diamond Platinumz [Photo/Courtesy]

“Kuna wasanii maarufu wa Bongo ambao wana mazoea ya kuwapa ujauzito wanawake tofauti. Amezaa watoto kadhaa na wanawake tofauti,” He said in swahili

“Alichukua mmoja kutoka Kenya na kumpachikika mimba kisha kumtupa. Roho ya kuoa hana. Hana roho ya ndoa,” He added.

Ezekiel Odero’s comments stirred diverse reactions. While some praised him for tackling a sensitive issue often ignored, others questioned discussing a celebrity’s personal life in a religious setting.

The sermon sparked debates about whether pastors should talk about societal problems and criticize public figures’ personal lives.

Some online reactions accused Pastor Ezekiel of being a fan of the artist, while others appreciated his willingness to bring attention to issues that affect families and relationships.

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