Fertilizer E-Forger System to Enhance Transparency in Distribution

In an effort to boost agricultural productivity and reduce food shortages, President William Ruto has urged farmers to embrace greater use of fertilizer in the upcoming planting season.


According to him, the government is taking significant steps to facilitate this transition, including reducing the cost of fertilizer and implementing an innovative fertilizer subsidy program.

The President emphasized the critical role that fertilizers play in enhancing crop yields. He stated that most farmers use one bag of fertilizer per acre, resulting in an average yield of 12 to 15 bags per acre.

However, data indicates that doubling the fertilizer application per acre to two bags can lead to a substantial increase in yields, ranging from 20 to 25 bags per acre. This direct correlation between fertilizer use and production has the potential to transform the agricultural landscape.

‘’I want every farmer to listen to me because this is what I do on my farm. Yeah. When you double the use of fertilizer, there is a direct correlation to the production that you get as a farmer. So, I am asking our farmers now that we have reduced the cost of fertilizer from Ksh 7,000 now to Ksh 2,500, they have absolutely no reason,’’ said President Ruto.

Fertilizer subsidy expected to increase food production in Kenya
President William Ruto urges farmers to use double the amount of fertilizer for increased production|Photo: Britannica

To support this project, the government has taken measures to make fertilizers more accessible and affordable. The cost of fertilizer has been significantly reduced from Ksh 7,000 to Ksh 2,500, making it more affordable for farmers to double their fertilizer usage.

Moreover, the government is distributing fertilizer directly to farmers based on their land size and crop production capacity. This approach ensures that farmers receive the necessary support in the most efficient manner possible.

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The implementation of advanced technology has also played a vital role in improving logistics and transparency in the distribution process. By collaborating with Safaricom, the government has introduced the Fertilizer E-Forger system, which administers the fertilizer subsidy transparently, accurately, and efficiently.

The system cuts out brokers and middlemen, eliminating corruption and inefficiencies that previously affected the program.

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‘’ICT once again has proved to be a game changer for our innovative intervention to serve farmers. After working with the local administration to register farmers, and I must congratulate my deputy for spearheading that process, we collaborated with Safaricom to develop and deploy the fertilizer E-Forger system to administer the fertilizer subsidy transparently, accurately and efficiently,’’ the President added.

The subsidized fertilizer program targets several key crops, including maize, coffee, sugarcane, potatoes, rice, tea, cotton, edible oils, and tomatoes.

These crops are vital to Kenya’s food security and economic stability. By encouraging the use of fertilizers for these crops, the government aims to increase production and decrease the cost of living for Kenyan citizens.

President Ruto commended the efforts of farmers and local administrations in registering farmers for the program. The involvement of county governments in providing warehouses and storage facilities has further simplified the distribution process, bringing fertilizers closer to farmers and enhancing delivery.

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As farmers prepare for the short rains, President Ruto calls on every farmer to seize this opportunity and double their use of fertilizers. By doing so, the nation can anticipate a significant increase in agricultural production, reducing food shortages and stabilizing prices.

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