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Esther Passaris Speaks About Her Hair Loss Journey

Esther Passaris, the Nairobi Women representative, has addressed her thinning hair after numerous enquiries from her followers on her TikTok.


In a video that she posted on her TikTok platform, the politician said that she did not have a thyroid and that was one of the reasons for her thinning hair.

I don’t have a thyroid and sometimes my thyroxine levels get low and my hair of course thins.

Esther Passaris said.

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According to Healthline, if a thyroid issue is severe and untreated, hair loss may result. When your thyroid gland produces specific hormones either insufficiently or excessively, thyroid problems result. Weight gain and weariness are just two signs of hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid. Hypothyroidism develops slowly, which causes many patients to wait months or even years before experiencing symptoms. Weight loss and anxiety are only two possible effects of hyperthyroidism, an overworked thyroid.

Esther Passaris hair loss

The politician also said that her hair loss could be a result of her age, pointing out that she will be turning 60 next year.

I’m also gonna be 60 next year so if you’re gonna be 60, obviously you’re gonna have to lose some hair.

the politician added.

Passaris, however, urged her followers to embrace themselves despite the struggles they might have. Her message urged them to love themselves through everything.

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She has been lauded for her bravery in sharing her story, with some of her followers saying that she looks good for her age.


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