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‘Enjoy’ Song by Diamond ft Jux Pulled Down from YouTube

YouTube has removed the audio for Jux ft Diamond’s hit song “Enjoy” due to a copyright claim by Sapologuano Odenumz.

PHOTO/Courtesy: Diamond Platnumz.

The Congolese artist claimed that he filed for copyright because the audio to “Enjoy” is the melody to his song “I Found Love.”

Yes, I copyright struck the song because it is the melody of my song” I Found Love” was found on their song Enjoy,” he said.

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Sapologuano Odenumz said attempts reaching out to Jux and Diamond failed as none responded. Therefore, he decided to contact Youtube for copyright. Diamond and Jux, however, sued him for their music firm the case is still ongoing.

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YouTube pulled out the audio after a long struggle. The audio had over a million views on YouTube.The official music video is still on YouTube with over four million views, the Congolese artist says he is working on its pulldown.

I made a complaint to YouTube about that song a long time ago when the song was released, but yesterday they told me that they succeeded in locking it down,” said  Sapologuano Odenumz.

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