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Elon Musk: You Will Not be Able to Block People on Twitter X

Twitter: Block feature to be removed

Users will no longer be able to block other accounts on Twitter, also known as X, as Elon Musk thinks the feature “makes no sense.”


In a post dated August 18, Elon Musk wrote, ‘Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature’ except for DMs’. He went ahead to express that the feature does not make sense. It is the most recent modification Mr. Musk has made to the platform since acquiring control of it in a $44 billion acquisition last year.

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Right now, when a user blocks an account, neither the posts from the blocked account nor the posts from the blocker’s account appear on either user’s timeline. A blocked account is also not able to view or communicate with the blocker via direct messaging.

Twitter owner Elon Musk
Elon Musk. Photo: COURTESY

Block is a function that allows you to manage how you connect with other accounts on X, according to the platform’s website. With the use of this tool, users can prevent certain accounts from following them, seeing their tweets, or contacting them. If someone is stalking, threatening, or harassing you on the platform, blocking other accounts can be helpful.

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X users have decried Elon Musk’s latest move saying that it would make it hard for users to restrict unwanted content from appearing on the timeline. The platform’s former CEO Jack Dorsey has, however, lauded Elon Musk’s decision urging users to use the mute button instead of the block feature on the platform.

While blocking an account prohibits that account from seeing your public posts on X, the social network’s mute button only eliminates an account’s posts from your timeline without unfollowing or hiding that account. They can still respond to your public posts when you “mute” accounts; you just won’t receive notifications and the replies are by default concealed from view.


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