DJ Krowbar Appeals For Help For His Wife’s Surgery

Karumba Ngatia also known as DJ Krowbar has turned to his fan base for financial support amidst his wife’s critical medical condition. Two years ago his wife, Wanjiru Karumba was diagnosed with kidney failure.


DJ Krowbar shared that if they had gone to the hospital on a later date than they did, their story would have had a bad ending. He shared that they discovered her Kidneys were functioning below 15%.

“In layman’s terms, this means her kidneys are functioning below 15% and we began a journey that took many weeks for us to accept the sad reality; dialysis.” He wrote.

DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar and wife

The former Tukuza TV host, took to his Instagram to plea for help from his fans to raise money for his wife’s medical condition. He shared their journey since the diagnosis and pointed out they now have a little glimmer of hope.

“My wife was diagnosed with kidney failure two years ago. It has been a crazy journey but now there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

The father of two then shared the details and specifics of his wife’s medical condition. He said that there were three crucial stages for the kidney transplant: pre-surgery, the surgery itself, and post-surgery. He then went on to add the financial stress that has come with the process.

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“This kidney transplant journey has three phases: pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery and we need financial help for this journey. This is why we are asking you to stand with us.”

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Krowbar shared that his wife has been undergoing dialysis but is now in need of the surgery urgently. He first shared with the public about his wife’s condition back in 2022 during her birthday. By then she was undergoing dialysis.

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