Azziad Denies Claims That She is Funded by a Sponsor

Azziad Nasenya

Popular TikToker and actress Azziad Nasenya has refuted claims made by Kenyans online that her extravagant lifestyle is funded by a sponsor.


In an exclusive interview with Phil Director on YouTube, the young content creator asserted that she works hard and there is satisfaction in working for her own money. She jokingly expressed her interest in having a sponsor by asking where people go to locate them.

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Shame on the public for thinking that I get everything on a silver platter. Si rahisi kufanya kazi. By the way hawa masponsors wanatolewa wapi. You know I hear people saying ooh sponsors, niko like wanatolewa wapi. Mnipeeko.

Azziad said.
Popular content creator Azziad Nasenya. Photo: INSTAGRAM

She was asked about her workload, as some days her side businesses took up the majority of her time. After explaining her schedule to Phil, Azziad confessed that she dislikes putting herself in a situation where she would have to beg for help and said that it was the reason why she works as hard as she does.

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The TikToker maintains that independence is essential to achieve true success. She addressed several other misconceptions about her saying that she enjoys the work she does and she is comfortable in her skin.

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