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Twitter Made In Kenya For Kenyans

Twitter, Kenyan On Twitter (KOT). Twitter made for Kenyans. Anything can trend in Kenya from businesses, popular personalities, games, shoes, books, events, music, etc.


Waking up to a trend like today’s “Nyash’ “Vasha’ ‘Jubilee’ ‘Zakayo’ ‘Rosecocco’ or ‘Titi’ should and can only confirm you are in Kenya.

The trend that set the pace for everyday online conversation is set on Twitter, who to talk about, what to listen to, what shoes and dress to put on, and sometimes what to ask from your partner. Kenyans are so far the best in this.

The ideology of keyboard warriors is just a theory until you are caught in the limelight, posted on Twitter, and given a hashtag with your beside it example #Kamene #Jay Z #Crazy Kennar #Simba #Omanga. Rumors, facts, lies, and propaganda take the day. Your enemies tweeting and deleting as your fans watch in disbelief.

Every nation fears the so-called online war with Kenyans based on developments, language currency, music, personalities, gender, and sports and culture. #UgandaVsKenya ended 1-3, KenyaVsRwanda ended 2-1, #TanzaniaVsKenya ended 3-5, #NigeriaVsKenya ended 3-4, and #KenyaVsUSA ended 3-1. Who is picking the trophy?

What makes a trend on Twitter and why are Kenyans so good at it?

Twitter trends are determined by an algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, including:

  • The number of tweets that are using a particular hashtag or keyword.
  • The rate at which the number of tweets is increasing.
  • The level of engagement with the tweets, such as retweets and likes.
  • The geographic location of the tweets.
  • The interests of the people who are using Twitter.

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Kenyans are particularly good at creating trends on Twitter for a few reasons. First, Twitter is very popular in Kenya, with over 11 million active users. This means that there is a large pool of people who are potential participants in trends.

Second, Kenyans are very creative and resourceful. They are always coming up with new and innovative ways to use Twitter, and they are not afraid to experiment. This makes them more likely to start trends that go viral. Call them the Meme family, designers, lyricists, poets, and patriotic warriors.

Finally, Kenyans are very passionate about their country and their culture. They are always eager to share their thoughts and opinions on Twitter, and they are not afraid to speak out about issues that they care about.

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The trends are key for business promotions, advertisements, announcements, and awareness creation.

Beware. You might be the next one trending either for good or for bad.

A special shout-out to the KOT family. You deserve to be paid for lifting the Kenyan flag high and for defending the nation.


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