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Ruto Must Not Go! He Must Come and Foster Peace

“#Ruto Must Go!” Where exactly? The most trending hashtag on Kenyan Twitter is pure entertainment. It seems to divert attention from the pressing issue at hand.


Instead of engaging in divisive online battles, Kenyans need to focus on fostering peace, unity, and accountability.

Chasing Ruto out of the office behind our keyboards is ridiculous. So is engaging in a game of chase with his “knights.” Kenyans should aim to emphasize the importance of advocating for peace. Now more than ever, politicians Ruto and Raila need to come forward and take responsibility for the current state of the nation.

Demonstrating Kenyans in Nairobi. A majority of the protestors have engaged in deadly, ugly and bloody confrontations with the police.

The call for “#Ruto Must Go” reflects growing frustration with the political situation, but it is crucial to remember that real change can only be achieved through peaceful and rational means.

While advocating for peace, it is essential that political leaders are held accountable for their actions. They must come before the people and take ownership of the roles they have played in exacerbating the ongoing unrest. This is not about pointing fingers or assigning blame, but about fostering an environment of trust and transparency between the citizens and their leaders.

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Babu Owino detained at Wanguru police station

Repealing the Finance Bill 2023 would be a significant step in the right direction. It would demonstrate a commitment to fostering an economy that benefits all Kenyans. Additionally, it would serve as a symbol of political maturity. Showing that leaders are willing to learn from their errors and prioritise the welfare of the nation above all else.

A Kenyan woman holding a poster captioned “Ruto Must Go.” The phrase gained momentum in online platforms with rising frustration among Kenyans protesting against The Kenya Kwanza Government. Courtesy/ REUTERS

By demanding that Ruto repeal the Finance Bill 2023, Kenyans express their desire for responsible leadership. The Finance Bill 2023 has been a contentious issue. Kenyans rightly expect Ruto to rectify any mistakes associated with it. However, resolving the nation’s challenges cannot be achieved through the actions of one leader.

It requires a collective effort from all stakeholders, including citizens, civil society, and the government. The focus should be on working collaboratively to find sustainable solutions and promote peace and stability.

Advocating for peace should not end with social media posts. It must translate into tangible actions. Kenyans need to engage in constructive dialogue, fostering a culture of understanding, while rejecting violence.

Community leaders and influencers should take an active role in promoting unity and reconciliation.

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It is time for a collective effort to build a harmonious society, where every citizen can live without fear or insecurity. Let us move beyond hashtags and keyboard activism and work together toward a prosperous and peaceful Kenya.


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