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Huddah Monroe Ruto Will Remain The Only President With Balls

Huddah Monroe the Kenyan socialite, businesswoman, and former Big Brother Africa housemate has once again applauded President William Ruto for being one of the presidents with balls on her status. She also went ahead to state that President Ruto is seeing 10-20 years while the others on the streets are seeing lunch and dinner.


In 2017, the vocal socialite Monroe made her political positions known, and also stated on Instagram that Ruto was the right man for the job.

“I’d rather have a Ruto presidency. The man doesn’t play these cat-and-mouse games. We wouldn’t be in this position in a Moi era. Sometimes a dictator is best,” Posted Huddah in 2017.

The socialite who could not hide his joy after Ruto was declared president took to his status today to advise and share her opinion about the current government.

“The government needs the taxes to stay afloat but we don’t trust them anymore coz they are not fighting the biggest issue of why the country is broke and that is corruption. We pay more they pocket more.” Huddah stated as she added, “The money never goes into bettering the lives of the Mwananchi, at least make education free, cheaper housing, better health care, ensure proper utilization of resources. Don’t just ask as to PAY!”

Huddah also made very clear why she can’t be on the streets explaining that Raila is not fighting for the people but for his retirement plan.

“I am all or the RIOTS if it’s for change, but because how Raila doesn’t know how to put out his agenda, I can’t be on the streets…What development has he ever done in Kenya? All I know him since I was born is DESTRUCTION.”  Monroe wrote on her status.

Monroe also shared one of the reasons why we are suffering as a nation stating that we reduced ourselves to consumers, consuming more than we are producing.

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The sweet Huddah wished his followers a nice Sunday after sharing her thought of where we are as a nation.

“She’s stating out facts bt y’all are not ready for that conversation “Leken commented.

“The way I celebrated Ruto’s Victory I wonder if am normal” Kikuyu og commented on the story.

The social media nation was not left behind in the conversation.

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What are your thoughts about the state of the nation?


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