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Homelessness Increases in Germany: Struggling to Tackle the Crisis

The German government is undergoing homelessness as it has recorded an official count of just over a quarter of a million homeless people across the country.


These people face intense scrutiny as organizations working with the homeless argue that the actual figures are far higher. The staggering issue comes to light as last year’s statistics reveal an alarming estimate of approximately 420,000 people experiencing homelessness throughout the year – almost twice the official count.

Homelessness Increases in Germany: Struggling to Tackle the Crisis.
Homelessness Increases in Germany: Struggling to Tackle the Crisis. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Adding to the growing concern, the European Parliament reports that homelessness across the EU has increased by a shocking 70% over the past decade, with the pandemic serving as a catalyst for further challenges. Coupled with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants in 2015 and 2016, the crisis has taken a toll on the nation’s most vulnerable.

The root cause of the high record in homelessness can be traced back to the longstanding housing crisis, with affordable accommodation becoming increasingly scarce. This dire situation affects not only German citizens but also migrants seeking a better life in the country. Many are left with no choice but to seek shelter on the streets, under bridges, or in crowded homeless shelters.

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Munich, one of the hardest-hit cities, exemplifies the issue. Christian, a former chef grappling with addiction, found himself without a home after a downward spiral triggered by alcoholism. Despite his efforts to secure a stable living situation, he has faced countless rejections from landlords, revealing the severity of the rental crisis.

Efforts to assist the homeless population are being made, with shelters like the one in Munich providing support and rehabilitation services. However, the shelter’s director, Eva Fondel, emphasizes that more affordable housing options are desperately needed, along with enhanced psychiatric care and addiction services.

The city of Munich is working on implementing preventative measures to help people retain their homes, providing crucial information on dealing with rent increases and debts. Moreover, there are increasing calls for the German government to take more decisive action in increasing affordable housing options and improving rent and eviction controls.

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