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African Fashion Brands You Should Know

Fashion has been a crucial part of society since time memorial. It has been used to express social status, express one self, make a statement, functionality and as a uniform. As the years go by, more and more designers emerge in a bid to be recognized for their work. Fashion magazines like Vogue play a crucial role in giving young and upcoming designers opportunities.


In Africa, the fashion industry is expanding. From stylists, to models, to having our very own fashion week and talented designers with clothes worn by A-list celebrities and good reviews from fashion bloggers.

Fashion model

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It is founded by Frank Aghuno, who was taught by his mother how to design. His brand is a mix of finding the perfect balance between the old, the new and the future.


It was founded in 2019 by Jacques Bam as a finalist at the South Africa Fashion Week New Talent Search and has since been able to maintain a position in the South African fashion market.


The brand is known and associated with African first ladies across the continent due to its fabric, detail and versatility. Sonia Mugabo has made a name for herself with her clothes being associated with high profile individuals.


The brand was founded in 2020 by Esoghene Egbeiefiyo. It is known for its bold prints and playful colours.


The brand led by Lana McCreath was founded in 1996 and has revolutionized the Kenyan fashion and design scene creating a connection between music, art and fashion. The fashion brand is known for hand painting and patchwork as well as sustainability.

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