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Zuchu’s Stats are Made in Kenya Not Tanzania

Zuchu who is a Tanzania female bongo star, gets a lot of love and support from Kenyans than Tanzanian as shown by YouTube 12 months report, gaining over 75 million views in Kenya while she gained 28 million in Tanzania.


One would attribute Zuchu’s success in Kenya being the love of the vibe that comes with her dance music video, such as ‘Kwikwi’ that has over 33 million views published 8 months ago, and ‘Fire’ that has over 14 million views published 10 months ago.

Zuchu has a following of 2.71 million subscribers on YouTube, with her most popular song being ‘Sukari‘, that was also loved by Kenyans trending at 91 million views from being published 2 years ago.

Some of the areas ranked to love and follow Zuchu massively include, Nairobi leading 56.7 million views, Mombasa with 5.73 million views, and Ruiru with over 1.37 million views.

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Some of the countries that Zuchu has been ranked in are, Tanzania the home country with 28 million views, United States with 6.07 million views, Democratic Republic with 3.27 million views, Burundi with 2,96 million views, Mozambique, France, Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Zambia being among the top 10 countries.

Zuchu latest song features Innoss’B in ‘Nani‘ Remix published 9 days ago with over 2 million views already.

If Kenyans were to support Nyashinski and Femi One as they do Zuchu, the Kenyan Music industry would have easily grown its audience outside East Africa.

What is Zuchu doing differently?


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