Zuchu’s Letter To Diamond Is Being Critiqued by Netizens

Zuchu’s letter to her boss and lover Diamond, during Father’s Day, has received a lot of critique and analysis, with many of his fans advising her otherwise.

In the letter Zuchu expresses her admiration for Diamond, and how he goes to a further extent to provide for his kids not caring about the many boundaries.


“When you speak to your kids, you blush, you become a baby yourself, and coming from sisi ambao, we didn’t have a father figure wallahi it’s beautiful.” Zuchu pinned on her letter.

“Anyways you is not my father but you is dzadddy to me so again happy Father’s Day,” Zuchu concluded the letter. This statement has left many netizens speculating and doubting the writer of the letter.

“You is not my father but you is my dzaaadddyyyy. Watu weeeuuuweeeeee” Norry commented.

“Zuchu you are young and naive, ukiangalia nyuma jinsi huyo mwanaume amewatendea watoto wake na mama zao usingefanya hivi. Kumbuka mtu huyohuyo denied you on a global platform kwa ajili ya fantana, don’t allow to be used for kiki za kijinga,” The Pearl commented.

“Ogopa wanaume wenye makucha kama ya diamond.” Cynthia commented.

“Ndio ule msemo fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka… ndio zuchu yuko karibu na mondi hana mtoto kamuwahi na maua live kwa hili kuolewa pia anaweza shinda zuchu sema endelea kukaza kamba wewe ndio uko nae karibu.” Sara supported Zuchu in her comment.

“SIO MWANDIKO WAKE, nimeishi na zuchu myaka 25 kabla” Mr, Mwanya commened adding laughing emojis.

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The two bongo start have sparked rumors of having separated but still keeping in touch, over the allegation that Diamond AKA Simba has been playing her partner Zuchu.

In response to Diamond getting cozy with other women in the reality show, Zuchu stated that she remains unbothered.

I hope you also got a letter or gift from your loved one. Worry not about the handwriting.


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