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World Safari Rally Speeds Ahead as Rubis Energy Sponsors Drivers

Rally drivers continue to get more and more sponsorships with corporates joining in ahead of the FIA Rally Championship slated for June 22 to June 25.


RUBIS Energy Kenya, which is among one of the leading thriving oil marketers joined in sponsoring some drivers and made the announcement on Wednesday, June 21, at one of their branches in Hurlingham, Nairobi.

PHOTO/COURTESY: The vehicle to be used by the driver’s sponsor is revealed.

”Today we are launching a partnership with some local Safari Rally drivers and also we have some very strong partnerships with Castrol. Castrol is the main sponsor of the WRC Rally. It is a partnership to support local talents,” said Mr Jean Christian Bergeron, the Group CEO of RUBIS Energy East Africa.

PHOTO/COURTESY: RUBIS Energy CEO Mr Jean Christian Bergeron with Jasmeet Chana a driver at the WRC Rally.

According to their press release, RUBIS noted that the collaboration between them and Castrol will help strengthen RUBIS’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance and durability to motorsport enthusiasts.

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The CEO went on ahead to say that they will provide the drivers with fuel, support and everything they need during the championship.

Jasmeet Chana, one of the rally drivers on his part said: ”It is the first time I have got a corporate sponsor. I have got a feeling that I have never had. I would want this partnership to last till the end of the seasons. And also the backing from RUBIS, which is going to boost me. I will make sure we win the Kenya National Rally Championship.”

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By sponsoring these local drivers, RUBIS Energy Kenya aims to showcase the immense talent and capabilities of Kenyan racers on an international platform and reflect its commitment to supporting local talent and promoting motorsport in Kenya.


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