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Why Women Live Longer Than Men: Secrets To Long Life

Given that God grants you the grace of long life, the other secret to a long life, is women. Science aside, let us get more real with each other and talk about issues we can actually see with our naked eyes. A look into women and their behavior could give us reasons as to why they live longer than men.

Why Women Live Longer Than Men. Secrets To Long Life.
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Most Women are Happier than Men

It is said that happiness is one of the keys to a long life. In all honesty, science and statistics prove that, most women are happier than men and that most men chase after happiness. Both literally and figuratively. It is disappointing however, because a deeper analysis into happiness shows that; happiness is a state of mind. However, in a game of chase, only two kinds of people prevail.

The brave and the lucky. In today’s world, a man that gets to live to a ripe, old age is either lucky or brave. Luck aside, let us take a look at brave men. A brave man is a man who dares to create his own happiness. Research shows that, when faced with overwhelming situations and challenges, most women, compared to men, tend to create or build happiness by engaging in little activities that add joy to their lives. http://Men or Women? Psychology Explains the Difference – Inverse.

Things like gardening, journaling, telling night-time stories to their children, meditating, crocheting etc. While men will tend to engage in intoxicating habits such as drinking, smoking, extramarital affairs etc.

While most women put out their feelings and channel their energy into things that nurture their state of mind. Most men bottle up their frustrations and channel their energy into things that numb their state of mind. For instance, things like his work, video games, women, drugs etc.

When one’s state of mind is unhealthy, every other thing in their lives automatically becomes unhealthy. Unhealthy things do not live long.

Connecting with the real world goes a long way in changing one’s state of mind. As stated earlier, happiness is a state of mind. Most men should be brave enough to get out of their heads and into the real world. Where it is okay to accept help, support and guidance. A world where one is not perceived as weak for crying or speaking out on their mental and emotional issues

Crying Is Good: Interesting Facts About Tears. A brave man ought to practice acts of self-care. This includes, eating good food, resting, seeking professional help, saying “NO” and spending time with loved ones among others. An interesting fact about joy is that it is internal. It is eternal. Joy heals. Joy rejuvenates. Be bold. Be joyous.

Read More: http://Happiness vs Joy – Difference and Comparison – Diffen

Why Women Live Longer Than Men. Secrets To Long Life.
Photo: Health Central.

Most Men Do Not Understand Women

It is said that a happy wife is a happy life and a happy life is a long life. Men could arguably be the simplest creatures on earth but it is shocking that more articles and videos have been done on “What men want” than “What women want.”

Deep down, what most women really want is a man with supernatural abilities. Women want a man that works but is at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 366 days a year and is still able to provide and pay the bills fully. A man that can read her mind. In brief, women want men that do not exist. Brave men are those that try to understand women less and listen to them more.

Understanding a woman is making peace with the fact that you cannot fully understand her. It is also understanding that trying to understand a woman will be the genesis of your problems. Most importantly, it is understanding that, sometimes, most of them have a hard time understanding themselves too. How one uses this information is entirely up to them. One thing is for sure though. Women also have the keys to unlocking long life. Whether one chooses to keep them close or stay away from them is a personal choice. After all, nothing takes away from the fact that life would be unbearable without women. Ask Adam.

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