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The Race to be Myself: Caster Semenya Writes Memoir


South African athlete Caster Semenya announced that she will be publishing her memoir ‘The Race to be Myself’ in October this year.


The renowned athlete took to her social media pages to unveil the cover page of her book, saying that it will soon be available for pre-order in the US, UK, and South Africa.

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Semenya, who is currently barred from participating in international events until she takes medication to reduce her testosterone levels, says that the book is aimed at educating, enlightening, and informing about how the world can welcome those born different.

The athlete is expected to also detail her experience of being born intersex and living in a world that keeps questioning her gender. She has had controversy in her career relating to whether she should be competing in the Olympics as a man or a woman.

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In her own words, she says;

You may have heard some of my stories, over the years, and you might have seen me running or standing proudly on the podium at the Olympics. But there is still so much I need to relate about strength, courage, love, resilience, and being true to who you are. I want this book to show people around the world how to do just that.

The Race to be Myself will be published in October by #Merky Books, a publishing house owned by UK rapper Stormzy. The publishing house reported that Caster Semenya’s book unveils the truth about the athlete’s life from early childhood, her career in athletics to her struggles as an athlete with hyperandrogenism.

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Celebrities and fans across the world have come out to show support for the athlete, praising her for her willingness to be open and honest about her life. The memoir is expected to be out in the UK and the US on October 31 this year.


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