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Struggles of the new Age: Mental Illness, Depression, Suicide

There has been a sudden increase in depression cases especially among Gen Z people. Many are struggling with anxiety and depression coupled with other pains such as bipolar disorder and ADHD ( attention deficit disorder).

Increased Depression levels
Depression snatching Gen Z. PHOTO/Credits

” Depression is the most common illness worldwide. Kenya was ranked at position four in Africa with 1.9 million people who have the condition, mental disorder cases in Kenya continue to rise rapidly. Estimates point that 20-25 per cent of outpatients seeking primary healthcare present symptoms of mental illness at any one time, while government statistics indicate that at least 1 in every 4 Kenyans suffer from a mental illness at one point in their lives.” said in a mental health survey by WHO.

Considering we are in the 21st century and social media has made it possible for these conversations to be had, there’s still a gap that exists. Many are battling with their struggles by themselves either scared to be shamed or unable to seek help.

Regardless of the conversation being made open and free, there are parents and people who continue to have conservative mindsets. Many still believe that issues such as depression and anxiety are not too bad or existent. They believe that depression is just being sad and it will pass. 

Being a depressed youth coupled with anxiety means that going through days is excessively hard. The constant nagging in your chest that you are in pain. When your heart beats but each time you just want it to stop. Depressed people find it hard to leave the bed, much less be productive. They keep to themselves and wallow in their sadness unmotivated to do anything else. 

Depression can lead one to a point where self-harm is a possible solution. Many judge this decision because they don’t understand it. When someone is in emotional pain and depression, it becomes too hard to centre their emotions or deal with them. When you harm yourself physically, you can translate the pain to the wound or a part that you see. Many believe that it helps to concentrate the pain at one point temporarily. This, however, is a terrible and temporary solution to the main problem.

Others fall into suicidal thoughts. Unable to stop the nagging pain in their chests, they opt to end their life altogether. Similar to the last, many make fun of it because they don’t understand the reason for it. Being depressed means that you are in too much pain to let it all out and still be alive. Where you wish for the pain to stop but it doesn’t. So you contemplate that maybe if you jump off the roof, the pain will finally stop. For others, they are depressed because when they are in pain, no one sees them and everyone shuts themselves from them. So they think that if they die, maybe they’ll be remembered and valued.

Depression is a real struggle and there haven’t been sufficient professionals provided for the purpose of helping people. Many don’t go seeking help because of how costly it could be. Others are scared of being judged by the person treating them because their problem might not be too big. Mental health is growing daily especially in the current generation, without awareness, many will be lost to addiction, self-harm and even suicide.

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