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State House Social Media: Lazy & Uncreative, Accused of AI Reliance

State House

The State House social media team has come under fire from blogger Pauline Njoroge, who accused them of laziness and a lack of creativity. Njoroge’s criticism stemmed from the team’s apparent use of ChatGPT, an AI language model, to draft posts on matters that seemed obvious.


The blogger questioned the government’s reliance on AI to explain decisions, particularly regarding the issuance of diplomatic passports to certain athletes.

Njoroge’s accusation follows her previous claims of hypocrisy against President Ruto and his wife, Rachel. She targeted the couple for allegedly seeking divine intervention to cleanse State House before moving in, while also expressing amusement at the removal of the tarmac, jokingly linking it to exorcising demons. These allegations added fuel to the fire ignited by her critique of the State House social media team’s practices.

The dispute escalated further when Senior Film Officer at the State House, Sam Terriz, responded to Njoroge’s criticism on Twitter. Terriz warned her not to make it personal and threatened to expose her personal information.

President William Ruto holds his first Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, September 27 at Statehouse, Nairobi.
President William Ruto with Cabinet secretaries on Tuesday, September 27 at Statehouse, Nairobi. [File: PHOTO]

He claimed to possess confidential and classified information about Njoroge and even suggested using ChatGPT to uncover more details about her. The exchange became increasingly intense as Terriz accused Njoroge of relying on others to draft her social media posts, alluding to past assistance she had received.

Observers noted that the heated confrontation between Njoroge and Terriz had spilled into the public sphere, with the potential to harm the reputations of those involved. The incident highlighted a growing trend of personal feuds intertwining with professional disputes, fueling tensions and creating a divisive atmosphere.


Public opinion varied regarding the dispute, with some expressing concern over the use of AI by the State House social media team to communicate decisions, while others criticized the personal attacks and urged for a more respectful and constructive dialogue.

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As the controversy continues to unfold, it raises important questions about the role of AI in government communication and the boundaries of personal and professional disagreements. It remains to be seen whether this incident will spark a broader conversation on the use of technology in public discourse and the need for civility in political exchanges.

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