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Spotify to Fire Two Hundred Staff Working With Podcasts


In a strategic move, Spotify, the Swedish music streaming titan, has revealed plans to reduce its workforce by two percent, which translates to the elimination of two hundred roles, as it scales back its in-house podcast operations.


In a recent announcement, Spotify, the renowned Swedish music streaming platform, revealed plans to reduce its workforce by two percent, resulting in the elimination of approximately 200 positions. The decision comes as Spotify downgrades its internal podcast operations and adopts a more tailored approach to optimize each show and creator.

According to a statement from Spotify, the company has entered a new phase of its podcast strategy, necessitating adaptations in its organizational structure. The senior leadership team, in close collaboration with the HR department, has determined the optimal organization for the platform’s next chapter.

Spotify’s statement read, “Doing so requires adapting; over the past few months, our senior leadership team has worked closely with HR to determine the optimal organization for this next chapter. As a result, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to make a strategic realignment of our group and reduce our global podcast vertical and other functions by approximately 200 people.”


With a robust customer base of 210 million paying subscribers and a listing on the New York Stock Exchange, Spotify proudly announced in April that it had surpassed 500 million monthly active users. However, the company faced a first-quarter operating loss of 156 million euros, a stark contrast to the six million euros reported in the same period the previous year.

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Spotify attributed the increased loss to higher social charges and a larger workforce compared to the previous year. In January, the streaming giant had already laid off 600 employees, following similar actions taken by other digital sector leaders.

Despite experiencing impressive membership growth and holding a competitive edge over rivals like Apple Music and Amazon Music, Spotify has struggled to achieve consistent quarterly profits since its inception. Annual losses have been a recurring trend for the platform.

In recent years, Spotify has made substantial investments, exceeding one billion euros, in the podcasting industry. However, industry analysts suggest that the platform has yet to demonstrate the profitability of these investments.

The recent reduction in workforce aligns with Spotify’s ongoing efforts to optimize operations and streamline costs in the highly competitive music streaming and podcasting sector.

As Spotify continues to navigate the evolving landscape of digital audio entertainment, these strategic moves will shape its future trajectory in the industry.

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