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Rue Baby And Vesha Dinning With Akothee Ex-Lover

Rue Baby and her sister Vesha have shared a video online dining and having a good time with their mother’s ex-lover Nelly Oaks at Vesha’s Birthday Party.


The video has drawn a lot of attention online with the majority of Kenyans surprised by the kind of connection and openness they had in the video.

“Matajiri hawananga hatred.”the luhyaqueen commented.

“Eeeh! Yesu ni Bwana, wacha tungoje mamao sasa”miss carls commented.

“Weeuh si mungeacha mama amalize honeymoon aki.”mghoi commented.

“Mnaexpect watu wakiachana wakue maadui, hiod ndio shida.” Makau shared her thoughts.

“Hapa ni zero grazing inaendelea tu” Lwamba Patrick could not his mind in.

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The majority of the fans have been shocked, with most advising that they should have left their mother Akothee, to complete her honeymoon first before doing anything that would disturb her peace.

The breakup between the two in 2022 did not come as a shocker to many, as she had hinted in April 2022 before finally breaking up in June 2022.

In her post, the boss lady further said that she retains utmost respect for Nelly Oaks since they have family attachments and also wished him all the best.

“It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my newfound happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment,” Akothee stated back in 2022.

The question many are asking on the video is whether they had permission from the mother or if is it usual dining with relatives and family friends.


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