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Reverend Githu Addresses Criticism Of Being Disrespectful To The Mother

Reverend Githu the young pastor, has addressed the numerous claims of being disrespectful after he went viral online for sending his mother to get him water live on a video.

Every child has a relationship with their parent, some so unique and even surprising. One would think it’s a sister-brother relationship. The young reverend came out to explain what happened after netizens pointed fingers at him for not being respectful.


“Anybody who knows me on a personal level, knows what kind of relationship me and my mother have, we have the best relationship to me she’s my mother, a mentor, a best friend, someone to look to when things are not right, someone who corrects me, someone who can humble me, somebody who prays for me, and anyone who felt offended but what happened, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Next time before we judge, please watch the whole video and watch my past videos and understand that I just broke my hand had a scratchy throat and I needed water and I couldn’t leave and my mom had told me before the video if I needed to take water I can just tell her go get me water please, and I do so you judge by what we see but not what really happened” Githu explained his side of the story.

The video of reverend Githu has been widely shared, with every follower having a thing to say. According to Victor Githu, there was no way he was going to leave people hanging to get water because his throat was scratchy, hence the decision to send his mother for water. Githu in his explanation also added that he used the word ‘Tafadhali’ which was respectful.

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The video attracted mixed reactions amongst Kenyans and Africans, with many staying rooted to the idea that it was not right and cannot be right in the African setup.

“That’s a NO! Kid get up and get your glass of whatever, we will be waiting ….but again I blame the mother.” MCA Tricky commented.

“Only mothers can understand this kid those who are judging him wrongly are irresponsible parents,” Ann commented.

“He is right. Leave him alone, people he said please, and he couldn’t leave the viewers to go get water.” Val commented.

“My kids send me all the time and I willingly do stuff for them. It’s called TLC most people are used to suffering little kinds of kindness from others making them feel uneasy, allow families to run their affairs how best.” Polin commented.

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What do you think, is it okay for a kid to send his/her parent?


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