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Prominent Politician Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances at Own Establishment


In a shocking incident, Mr. Johnson Kimani, popularly known as Wakim, a prominent businessman and politician, lost his life on the evening of June 12, 2023.


The incident occurred at Gazani, a well-known bar and guesthouse owned by Mr. Kimani. The police and detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have launched an investigation to determine whether Mr. Kimani’s death was a result of jumping or being pushed from the sixth floor of the building.

Prominent Politician Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances at Own Establishment.
Police cordoned off the crime scene area. File/Courtesy.

Mr. Kimani, who recently contested the Githurai Ward MP seat in the August 8, 2022 general elections on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket, secured the third position in the fiercely contested race. The winner, Mr. Naftaly Wagura Mathenge from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), emerged victorious.

As news of Mr. Kimani’s demise spread, hundreds of locals gathered at the scene, witnessing the authorities and well-wishers helping transport the deceased’s body into a waiting police Landcruiser.

Eyewitnesses report hearing screams emanating from Mr. Kimani’s establishment, which also served as his residence. Ms. Lucy Waithera, a local resident, stated, “On Sunday (June 11), we heard screams coming from inside the joint but we never went to find out what was happening.”

Investigations have revealed that Mr. Kimani arrived at Gazani around midnight and proceeded to his usual spot at the pub before retiring to his guesthouse. However, it was noted that he did not attend St. Timothy’s Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Githurai 45 on Sunday, which deviated from his normal routine.

Additionally, a worker mentioned that Mr. Kimani had been facing financial struggles over the past few months, leading to difficulty in paying his employees. Recently, one of the workers resigned due to financial difficulties within the establishment.

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Mr. Kimani was known to have three wives, but a fourth woman claiming to be his wife emerged at the Githurai 45 police station following his demise even though the other wives did not acknowledge her. According to a family member, Mr. Kimani had separated from his first wife, who had moved out of their marital home and rented a separate house.

Coincidentally, she rented a house in the same building at Githurai 45 where the third wife was also residing. The whereabouts of his second wife and mother of his two children remain unknown.

Tragically, Mr. Kimani passed away on the same day he had promised to pay rent to his third wife, but failed to do so prior to his death. The Kenyatta University (KU) mortuary became a scene of intense drama as the wives disputed ownership of the body, delaying its registration at the facility.

As the investigation into Mr. Johnson Kimani’s death continues, the community mourns the loss of a businessman and politician who made significant contributions to the Githurai 45 area.

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