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Pet owners in China go wild for life-like replicas of beloved companions

It’s the latest expression of love for your furry companion, a lifelike replica made out of felt. Needle felting artist Yuan Jiaojiao Zhao from eastern China stumbled into the craft in 2019.


Since then she’s been making replicas of people’s pets from photos or videos they send in. The process involves loose wool that’s wound into bunches then poked over and over again with a needle to stretch it into shape.

Hair and tiny plastic features like whiskers are added later to capture precise facial expressions. Yuan says it’s a time consuming hobby.

 I work six to ten hours per day, and it took me half a month to make this dot replica.

But at roughly 1100 U. S. dollars per pet, Yuan says the hard work is worth it. In addition to her Chinese clients, she also has requests from pet owners in the U. S., France, and Singapore, with orders scheduled through October of 2026.

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As the popularity of Yuan’s lifelike felt replicas continues to grow, it is evident that pet owners worldwide are embracing this unique way to cherish their beloved companions.

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These enchanting creations stand as a testament to the strong bond between humans and their pets, and the lengths people are willing to go to honor and immortalize their furry friends.

For those seeking to have their own pets lovingly recreated in felt, Yuan Jiaojiao’s remarkable craftsmanship offers an opportunity to capture the essence of their four-legged companions in a tangible and everlasting form.


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