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Oga Obinna Complains Over Helping Kenyan Artists After Being Failed By Stevo Simple Boy

Oga Obinna the former morning show Kiss presenter, has stated that most Kenyan artists and the industry are a hard uphill task to help because of indiscipline, poor management, and unprofessionalism, in a video explaining why they don’t get the ‘bag’ after being disappointed by Stevo Simple Boy.

Obinna had arranged for a meeting for Stevo and the client at 11 am and was shocked after calling at around 12:30 pm, only to be told they were still attending to a different shoot.

“So this just happened and I’m just disappointed at Stivo, His Management, and his “friend”. He is going through something from what has been published the last week. I speak to some boss friends of mine. One decides to come through and give him a job. 1-year contract with @mo2bet , I call Vaga, and schedule a meeting for today a couple of days ago. Only for today to happen the way I’ve recorded it.” Obinna captioned the recording.

Oga also asked Kenyan artists and celebrities to also train themselves on meeting skills and negotiations, to avoid embarrassment as he added and confirmed that one can’t survive on likes and being a celebrity.


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The furious and disappointed Obinna could not also hide his resentment for Mboya as he denied Mboya’s statement when he called him a friend. Kenyans can only but connect the dots, as the majority appreciate his efforts in trying to help.

“Coz you choose to work with trending artists “seasonal” and not professional gifted ones. They make you suffer then you generalise everything. Keep trying.” Sossun commented.

“Some of these opportunities mi huomba mungu aniletee…I would work 24hrs straight when need be….tuseme tu ukweli, masomo pia hisaidia sana” Pablo commented.

“You did your best, let him play his part..shida ikimtandika vizuri atakutafuta mwenyewe..mfor now let him continue shooting his videos.” Senjee commented.

“What I keep saying is our artists lack mentorship and proper training on arts management,the discipline needed for this industry is not a joke.” Scar commented.

“What I know for sure is that we can’t continue blaming others when it comes to Stivo coz last I checked he is not registered as disabled…” Leslie commented.

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Stevo Simple Boy last week publically confessed to not having anything as he requested help from fans and supporters. He lost his management last week and has been serving on aid from fellow creators.


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