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Nyege Nyege Kenyan Edition, Press Briefing

The battle between UOTs and KOTs may have found a field after all! Nyege Nyege Festival: Kenyan Edition is official!

Nyege Nyege: Kenyan Edition Official Press Release inviting media partners, bloggers and influencers to their official press briefing.

The daring team of event organizers, just released a press statement inviting bloggers, influencers and media partners to their media briefing .

The briefing, according to the statement, is set to take place on June 30, 2023. Venue, Boulevard Hotel, Nairobi from 10:00 a.m. EAT.

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Official Nyege Nyege: Kenyan Edition Poster. Photo: Courtesy/ NyegeNyegeke

The Nyege Nyege Festival: Kenyan Edition was trending on Twitter a fortnight ago. This is after the unknown event organizers announced that they’d be hosting a Kenyan Edition of the Ugandan-born festival.

The Kenyan Edition festival, aims to promote mental health through music, art and self-care, with activities such as massages and boat rides,amongst others.

Photo: Courtesy/ Nyege Nyege Ke

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Despite the Kenyan edition organizers having invited Ugandans, among other countries like Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan. A majority, if not all of the Ugandan netizens, cannot wait for the flop of the Kenyan edition.

Photo: Courtesy/ Nyege Nyege Ke

The Nyege Nyege reputation is on a cliff’s edge, both from the Kenyan and Ugandan font. The Ugandan edition was a disaster last year and the Kenyan edition organizers have been branded “copy cats” over the festival. May the best country win!

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