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Museveni is on the Path to Recovery, Dispelling ICU Rumors

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has assured the public that his health is improving and he is on his way to recovery. This statement comes in response to unconfirmed reports on Twitter that suggested he had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


However, in a statement issued on Monday, Museveni clarified that his condition has significantly improved and his Covid-19 symptoms have subsided, effectively putting an end to the ICU rumors.

Museveni is on the Path to Recovery, Dispelling ICU Rumors.
Museveni is on the Path to Recovery, Dispelling ICU Rumors.Photo/ Credits.

Addressing the concerns surrounding his health, President Museveni shared, “Last night, I slept very well up to the 10th hour of the night, what the Europeans call 4 am. The dull headache was not there and neither was the mild throbbing on top of the head.”

Over the weekend, social media platforms were flooded with reports claiming that President Museveni had been admitted to the ICU. These claims were shoved off by Museveni himself, who twitted to express that he is feeling considerably better.

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“We carried out corona tests today and they were still positive. We shall wait for a few more days and check again as I remain in self-isolation at Nakasero,” Museveni said.

“I advise all of you to get fully vaccinated against corona and the elderly should get the boosters.”

Last week, Museveni’s doctor, Diana Atwiine, provided insights into the management of the infection, suggesting a conservative approach that involves the administration of vitamins, particularly vitamins C and D, as well as antihistamines. These measures aim to support the president’s recovery and enhance his immune response to the virus.

President Museveni remains optimistic about his progress and expresses hope for a full recovery in the near future.

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