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Mixed Reactions! KSh 5 Million 24 Carat Trophy: Did league winners Gor Mahia get this trophy?

Mixed reactions as it is a different trophy every end season in Kenya topflight, as league champions 2022/2023 Gor Mahia were handed a different trophy from Tusker’s 2021/2022 by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa.


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In July 2021, Nick Mwendwa bought the 24-carat gold-plated trophy that is worth Sh5 million, the 80cm-long trophy and weighs 11kgs, depicts a Maasai man holding a ball above his head while standing on the base of the Big Five animals.

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However, Mwendwa told us it will be presented to our league winners each season and Yesterday Gor Mahia our league winners didn’t get this trophy. The biggest question Kenyans are asking is Hii kikombe ilienda wapii?

Kenyans are asking, Hii kikombe ilienda wapii???

The winner of the 2020/21 FKF Premier League Tusker lifted perhaps the ‘most expensive’ trophy in the history of local football when the season winded up on August 22 2022.

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The fact that the 5 million trophy Nick Mwendwa bought was not given to Gor Mahia the FKF winners is very strange.

Astonishingly, this comes at a time when Kenya is among the country that presented a bid for AFCON 2027.

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The most thrilling thing is that fans and supporters took it to social media most especially tweeter and talked about falls promises from FKF and different trophy every season siting Hii kikombe ilienda wapii meaning where is this ‘CUP’, Trophy.

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“I’m a Tusker FC fan but one thing i loved about Gor Mahia fans is that they hate hypocrisy . Nick Mwendwa wasted all the time pretending to award the winners a trophy yet there is no trophy Prize money but the fans did what they’re known to do best”

“Nick Mwendwa and FKF have a lot to explain. This is the Karakat gold trophy they claimed costed 5Million Shillings that was to be awarded to league leaders. Yesterday Gor Mahia were awarded some inter classes trophy let me not talk about the medals. Hii Kikombe iko wapi.”

“FKF Through its communication Team has released a statement explaining that fans overwhelmed the security on the field at Kasarani and invaded the pitch during the crowning of Gor Mahia as FKF PL champions. That is acceptable but there are questions the Nick Mwendwa -led federation needs to address.

Where is the purported 5Million Gold Trophy that was bought in 2021?

How much did Gor Mahia and other teams walk away with?

What is the plan to cub fans from invading the field and interrupting a crowning ceremony moving forward?

We Need Answers. From Mwendwa’s FKF.”

“The league organizers (FKF) not awarding the winners, Gor Mahia, with the trophy they promised is very heartbreaking. It’s high time we called out Nick Mwendwa and the ministry at large for neglecting Kenyan football. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”


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