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Maina Kageni: Grown Men Do Not Cry in Public

Governor of Nairobi, Johnson Sakaja launched a school feeding program along with Esther Passaris and President William Ruto in Nairobi. During his speech, he got overwhelmed with emotions and cried.


He said the program was meant to give the pupils who go without food some dignity and as he mentioned how some schools lack infrastructure, he started to cry and tears rolled down his cheeks, prompting MCA, Susan Makungu, to the stage to comfort him.

Governor Sakaja

The Nairobi Governor’s tears were the point of discussion during the Classic 105 breakfast show hosted by Maina Kageni and King’ang’i. Maina was of the opinion that men should not cry in public. He said men are pillars of strength to society and their women and children look up to them for support and strength.

A caller then poured out his heart saying that it is okay for men to cry and that even President Ruto has cried in public before. He stated that men also have emotions and should be able to express them without being judged. This caller seemed to irritate Maina and he eventually hang up on him.

Maina Kageni

As the show continued, listeners sent in their thoughts, most men saying that men do need to cry because they are humans, and like women, they also deal with plenty of emotions.

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Maina then defended his statement saying, men can cry but not in public. He made fun of men, asking them whether they cry alongside their women. Eventually, a male caller called in supporting Maina’s statement. The caller said that as a man who is a single father to a daughter, he has had to hold back tears in order to show his daughter strength and instil in her confidence as her pillar.

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