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Lilian Muli: It’s Fake. This Nonsense Must Stop

Lilian Muli has bashed off the trending story about her being open to dating younger men who are broke. In a post, she captioned ‘Fake. This Nonsense Must Stop.’

The story has been trending online with various other celebrities making a joke out of it.


“The young men or the broke part” Oga Obinna commented adding laughing emoji.

“Stop immediately” Terence Creative commented.

“Sorry for that but, So you are not willing to date Us?” Sleemtee commented.

“Lilian can never and will never date someone who is broke. Ata kama ni ku blog ni vizuri kutumia akili kidogo.” Isaac commented.

“Never settle for an ordinary lover, never settle for less than you deserve, you are so worthy of being loved so passionately and madly,” Lilian wrote in a letter she penned to herself in 2021. She also went ahead to add that one deserves to be loved as a whole with all imperfections and flaws.

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In a radio interview in 2020, Muli said she is the one who hits on men and not the other way around. This was after she was asked about the worst pickup line a man has ever told her. Her post has created a sensation online with many followers backing her up.

“Mami people are peddling lies waambie wakuje straight and direct wawache corner corner.” Kawangware finest commented.

“I knew it was fake when I saw it. You can’t be that desperate to the point of going to the public and making such statements. If it ever gets there just slide into my DM, it’s open like the heavens gate.” El Chapo commented on Twitter.

Lilian Muli who is one of the top journalists in Kenya enjoys a massive following of 1.6 million followers on Instagram.


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