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License Renewal Test Reveals Unfit PSV Drivers

National Transport and Safety Authority tests show how unfit PSV drivers are. It has released a mandatory license renewal process for all commercial and PSV drivers across the country. 


While all drivers had licences to allow them to drive, the tests for renewal of licences reveal shocking results. The retests began on June 9th till last week on Friday. A total of 302 have sat for the test but only 54 have passed. Making it only 19% out of those tested fit to drive. 

License renewal test reveals unfit PSV drivers.
Matatu drivers were found unfit to handle transport vehicles. PHOTO/Credits

Among the reasons behind poor performance in the test is the diversity of driving curricula across the country. Every driving school had a norm of adopting its own driving curriculum that suited them. In addition to this, the licenses were easily accessible back then, anyone whether qualified or not could acquire one. 

NTSA had a solution to this back in 2018, proposing a unified driving curriculum and the introduction of strict rules for drivers. It was however rejected and didn’t follow through. They resurfaced the idea in 2019 and were successful after the rules were gazetted in 2020. Among the requirements was a mandatory renewal of license for all PSV and commercial drivers.  The examiners would also no longer be the National police but the NTSA officers. 

” We use UN traffic signs and that hasn’t changed since 1966, but people still cannot identify them,” Tuigong said.

One of the shocking revelations from the test was that the drivers could not identify traffic signs on diagrams. They could not explain the rules of a model town board even though these are basic driving queries. 

An order issued by Transport CS, Kipchumba Murkomen, as from July 1st, all drivers are to undergo a medical examination. This would count as part of the processes to be fulfilled before getting a license renewal. 

License renewal test reveals unfit PSV drivers.
All drivers are to undergo a medical examination before the renewal of their license. PHOTO/Credits.

According to section 105A (1) of the transport act, any driver of a public service vehicle needs to undergo a physical fitness test. This is inclusive of an ear test and an eye test by a qualified medical practitioner.  A medical certificate will be required before the renewal of a license is approved. 

With the new laws targeting PSV drivers and new ones, license acquisition is stricter. One has to first apply for a provisional license. Afterwards, one needs to book a driving test with NTSA and upon success, they will apply for the license. 

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“Private drivers will not sit for a retest by NTSA. They however will start paying instant fines and get demerit points. One can get an additional 20 points upon renewal of license but lose them for being charged for an offence. If one’s points are reduced to 12, they won’t be renewed for their license and have to sit for a retest with NTSA.”

Tuigong mentioned.

For all drivers, they can seek a refresher course from any driving school of their choice. They however have to sit for a test specifically from NTSA. 

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