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Larry Madowo and Mlami Mwitu at a kibandaski

Content creator popularly known as Mzae or Mlami mwitu was seen with Larry Madowo a Kenyan journalist currently at CNN.


TikToker Mzungu Mluyha real name is Elliot Berry who has been captivating Kenyans with witty videos.

He was spotted at a Kibandaski at roadside in Eldoret’s Mwanza estate with Larry Madowo. Mzungu Mwitu have caused a stir among locals as they indulged in a delectable feast of chapati and madondo(beans).

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Larry was heard speaking in his local dialect and thanked Dorothy Too who was the owner of the restaurant for the delicious meal.

Dorothy Too mentioned that soup is Mzungu Mwitu’s specialty. That only meant that the guy popularly known as Mzungu Mluyha was a frequent visitor.

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Larry Madowo and Mzungu Mwitu engaged in hilarious banter as they enjoyed the freshly prepared Kenyan delicacy.

Netizens lauded Madowo and the mzungu for their humble nature that saw them choose the local hotel over star rated ones.

The reverend dad. Photo credit

Some reacted to the video and commented as in follows.

@Its Linda said “Absolutely love your humility and how you always keep it real. You make us Kenyans proud.”

@m_njeri_kf also said, “Africans are eating western food daily and speaking their language fluently without the west journalists making a big deal out of it. Ignorance ni kitu mbaya


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