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Kenyan Adverts With The Most Memorable Songs

Adverts are still being used by Kenyan companies to sell their products and services because of the sizeable number of people, who tune into local television to watch their favourite shows and catch up with the local news.


Some of these adverts have stood the test of time and have been stamped to our memories as Kenyans because of their unique and catchy tunes.

Hers is a list of some of the most memorable tunes from adverts done in Kenya from back in the day:

Sony Sugar

This advert featured the former Member of Parliament of Langáta, Nixon Korir. The advert was set on a wedding scene. The officiator of the wedding started to sing; You can now kiss your sweety, and other guests and bridal party joined along to sing, my baby, my lover, so hunny, let me hold you, let me love you, forever.


The telecommunication company is not one to disappoint when it comes to their adverts. Out of their many unique adverts, the one that tops is the Niko Na Safaricom advert. The advert features a beautiful Kenyan landscape with singers dressed in white and green standing and singing a beautiful song. Nafurahia, undugu na ukoo wetu, nasherekea, kazi na bidii yetu.

Coca Cola

Another champion at adverts with catchy tunes. During Kenya celebrating fifty years of independence, they came up with an advert that featured a man playing a traditional instrument in Nairobi that drew Kenyans from different parts of the country to gather and sing along to the tune. Happy birthday, Kenya. You are fifty, Kenya.

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The Internet distributing company has always had unique adverts that had animations instead of actual people. One of their adverts advertising that they offer 100MBPS per second had a catchy and funny tune that involved downloading a song. Kama unapenda Faiba, wapi makofi?

Crown Paint

The paint company had its most memorable advert that showed a woman who got in contact with the paint and was able to make everything around her and everything she touches that was dull become colourful. I see colours, the wonder of colours, in everything I touch.

If you can remember and sing along to any of these tunes, then you are as old as Methuselah and should be having your third born by now.

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