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Kenya and Djibouti Implement Visa-Free Policy to Boost Trade Relations

Kenya and Djibouti have implemented a visa-free policy. The announcement was made by President Ruto during a speech at the country’s parliament, highlighting the importance of fostering friendship and collaboration between the two nations.

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As the country is parliament, this assembly is the place where the nation reasons with itself in order to generate solutions and guide progress. Your deliberations matter to Djibouti’s National agenda for our region and where our destiny is forged. Another result, ladies and gentlemen, is not just a visit, it is an opportunity to consolidate the friendship between our two people.

President William Ruto

We did agree that we are going to work on the visa requirements for our diplomatic and services sectors, and the processes between the two countries have been concluded.

President Ruto commended Djibouti’s leadership under President Ismail Omar Guelleh, acknowledging the country’s efforts in mobilizing effective consensus among IGAD member states.

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He also expressed gratitude for Djibouti’s diplomatic endeavors, notably the fact-finding mission led by Djibouti officials to help resolve a maritime dispute with a neighboring friendly nation.

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I have today informed my brother, president Guelleh, that we will not only make it possible for people holding diplomatic passports and services passports to come to Kenya without the need for a Visa, but I have also extended it to all the people of Djibouti, even those holding ordinary.

From today, it is now possible for you to travel to Nairobi and Kenya without the requirement of a business. Djibouti’s Geostrategic potential grows more immense as globalization advances and as geopolitical complexity intensifies. Every significant piece and security actor factors Djibouti as a component of effective global strategy as a matter of course.

By eliminating visa requirements, the two countries aim to encourage greater collaboration and pave the way for mutually beneficial partnerships that will contribute to regional development and prosperity.

Djibouti is also a diplomatic hub of no mean Repute. Igad is not headquartered here by accident. I commend the progress that Djibouti is making in mobilizing effective consensus among Igad members states on regional environmental peace and security issues.

I also appreciate Djibouti role under the leadership of his excellence in President Ismail Omar Guelleh in leading the fact-finding mission to assist in the resolution of maritime dispute with a friendly neighbor. Your good officers have been a tremendous source of comfort.


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