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KEMSA CEO Under Investigation for Ksh3.7 Billion Mosquito Net Tender

The current acting CEO of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is caught into the investigation of the mosquito net tender that is worth Ksh3.7 billion.


In the ongoing investigation, Andrew Mulwa, the acting CEO finds himself at the center of the controversy. The National Assembly Health Committee, responsible for probing the matter, has pointed out Dr. Mulwa as a key figure whose actions may have triggered a chain of events leading to the tender’s cancellation by the donor, Global Fund.

KEMSA CEO Under Investigation for Sh3.7 Billion Mosquito Net Tender
PHOTO/Courtesy: Current acting CEO of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA).

MP Robert Pukose, the committee conducted a rigorous interrogation of Dr. Mulwa, who previously served as the Director of Preventive and Promotive Health in the Ministry of Health. During the heated probe, Dr. Mulwa was asked to clarify his role in the tendering process and shed light on the decisions he made.

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Defending his actions, Dr. Mulwa acknowledged that his actions was based on advice given by an individual whose identity he did not disclose during the probe. According to Dr. Mulwa, this person raised concerns about gaps in the contract specifications provided by Kemsa, prompting the need for clarification.

The investigation continues as the committee seeks to reveal the full extent of any misconduct and determine accountability in the controversial mosquito net tender.

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