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Genge Tone Artist Ngesh Gets New Management

Genge Tone Artist Ngesh, who is the famous ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ hitmaker now trending at 1.2 million views has signed a deal and is now being managed by Omar Jimmy.

The artist who had gone back to hawking, in an interview disclosed that her rates are Ksh300, 000 promising that his crew can give a very great performance.

Ngesh who has risen to fame riding on the Kaveve Kazoze song is already received shows in local clubs requesting her to perform.

The news of her recording deal has surprised many including 2mbili who was promoting Ngesh’s song and producer Mavo.


“Acha nicheke tu.. yaani hii nimekimbia Mombasa kidogo Omar nilikuweka karibu na Ngesh ushaenda in my behind ukaongea na Ngesh Ukam msign kwa Garage 😂😂 Mko na jokes mingi sana … Anyway All the best Ngesh. Am not liable for anything that happens ahead.” 2 mbili commented.

“Uyo producer ana ji market 2.” Law commented.

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“Tumwambie ukweli ama tuache tu?” Mavo on the beat sarcastically questioned as he added crying emojis.

@mavo_onthe_beat tym yote hii haujakua unamwona ngesh?? After amepata deal ndo umeanza et umwambie ukweli we izah bnah.” Ray commented to respond to Mavo.

“Siri ni kujua cash crops” Thee Nairobi kid commented.

“Ulizaa sailors gang venye walifanyiwa and thank me later.”Imma commented.

The crew has released a new song called ‘Dera’

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Ngesh enjoys a great following of 14.2k followers on Instagram and 36.1k subscribers on her crew channel called Spider Clan.

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