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Gen-Z’s Work Ethics That Redefine Hard work

Gen-Z’s are just as productive and as hardworking as any other generation that has ever been in existence. The allegations around gen-Z being a lazy and spoon fed generation are purely baseless and lack strong evidence to support them.

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Older generations are expecting so much more from a generation that just arrived. The gen-Z just got here and unfortunately, were met with a rapidly changing world. Nothing is the same anymore. From technology, to the economy and down to social issues. If anything, this generation has to be applauded for their quick adaptability.

Economic challenges have pushed a huge percentage of this generation into depression. Not due to laziness, but due to disappointments and other factors beyond their control. Besides, many a people are quick to point out gen-Z’s reliance on the internet and technology. Ignoring the fact that gen-Z have also shown the highest levels of being tech savvy in work places.

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Despite all that has been said, gen-Z experiencing less difficulty and hardship in life does not take away from the fact that, they also go through challenges. Most challenges faced by this generation are mental ones. The gen-Z tend to engage their minds more, compared to other generations. While other generations come up with practical skills of dealing with challenges, gen-Z come up with technical skills.

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As both ways may be effective, it is important to note that, their differences do not affect the quality of their effectiveness in problem solving. Technical knowledge is designed to represent reality through its rules and procedures. This means that, technical knowledge gives us information that our senses cannot reach. On the other hand, practical skills are taken directly from reality and how we experience it.

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That being said, gen-Z are a productive generation. Their ability to be more technical, mixed with other generations’ ability to be more practical can work in perfect synergy.


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