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Gen Z is Drinking Less Alcohol According to Survey

In 2019, Kenya was at the peak of sherehe (partying), with anthems like Party After Party being blasted in nightclubs every weekend, while December was riddled with all types of concerts and festivities being held all over the country.


Then the pandemic came and clubs, events and restaurants were closed and people could no longer gather for sherehe or go drinking. It was a time most Kenyans realised how much so they love drinking so when the president on May 1, 2021, announced that bars and restaurants could open, many people were super excited. Since then, many hidden gems have been opening up in Kenya.

people drinking

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Kenyans would be shocked to find out that according to surveys done globally by Gallup Poll, 60% of Gen Z do not drink alcohol and they are the least alcoholic drinkers compared to other generations before them.

Venues, concerts and bars are complaining about the lack of sales of alcoholic drinks from Gen Z. Alcoholic drinks are what keep such spots running with some attributing almost 80% of profit from alcoholic sales alone.

CNN released an article sharing that no amount of alcohol is healthy if you are under the age of forty, but if you are older than forty with no underlying health issue, a few sips of alcohol is actually helpful.

Most Gen Z have embraced a holistic lifestyle, minimal lifestyle as well as self-care post-pandemic. Concepts like drinking less have been brought up to show that it will help improve an individual’s performance overall as they try to accomplish their life goals.


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