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Father’s Day At The Verge of Being Meaningless

Father’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1910, drawing inspiration from Mother’s Day, and has since been celebrated on the 18th of June every year.

One would ask why Father’s Day is not as appreciated as Mother’s Day. Why fathers are not respected as much today? Why the efforts of a father are not recognized unless it’s very massive? Facts. Men sprout where there are appreciated and respected.


Today’s society has witnessed the rise of single mothers and absent dads, is the lack of appreciation a factor to look out for? Yes, it is one of the biggest areas women have failed in. Let us face the facts. Women have gotten themselves into loving rather than respecting and appreciating men, into a competition rather than care and services, into controlling rather than understanding. The balance is hanging on a thin thread.

In a society where men are seen as less important and neglected, most men are either depressed and forgotten or suffering in silence. A man should not cry! If a man cries he becomes a victim of no respect. Believing in the principle of marginal gains, something can be done. In the same measure that women crave attention, men crave appreciation.

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There are many ways to celebrate Father’s Day. Some people give their fathers gifts, such as ties, golf clubs, or tools. Others spend time with their fathers doing activities they enjoy together, such as fishing, hiking, or watching sports. Still, others simply write their fathers a heartfelt letter or card expressing their love and appreciation. Some choose to treat them out while some choose to lift some burden off them.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, make sure to let your father know how much you love and appreciate him. He will cherish the memories that come with it.

Let us have this conversation. Happy Father’s Day.


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