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Elodie: I Have The Most Spoiled Puppy In Kenya

Elodie Zone who is a Kenyan social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur, has shared her dog’s shopping on Instagram stories, a post that has created a sensation online and driven Kenyans crazy.

 “Everything you see is for my baby boy Maxi Killian & I swear I have the most spoiled puppy in Kenya” Elodie captioned.


“Yaani hako kambwa kanakaa maisha poa kuniliko” Nish commented.

“We forget our culture as Africans, dogs are used for security and hunting purposes…, soon she’ll use her dog to satisfy herself… too much of westernization.” Kikuyu Og commented.

“Ebu niulizieni yeye kama anahitaji doggy ingine in human form.” Shamika commented.

“apo kwa enyewe men are dogs is where yah draw the line,” Glen commented.

“hizi vako ukijaribu na bosco hapo ndio mtakosana.”Mib commented and added laughing emojis.

“mm aki enza sema men are dogs si ezi bishana bishana na yeye …juu she can feed me,” Law commented.

“Kwani ekonomy ya Ruto inani affect solo.” Ngesh commented.

“Sisi tunaopea mbwa wetu maji imeoshewa sahani ya omena oyeee” Daizie commented.

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Elodie, who is well known for her videos on self-improvement, spirituality, and beauty, enjoys a great following of 162k followers on Instagram.

How much do you spend on your pets? Let’s talk.


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