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Dorea Chege Apologises to Lover DJ Dibul

Dorea Chege the actress and social media influencer, has apologized to her lover Dj Dibul over her statement that she loves dating men who earn less than her, during a debate about her dating preferences.


The former Maria actress revealed her preference of men with lower financial status than herself, as she also explained her disinterest earlier when she was being approached by men struggling financially.

A woman who has gained control over her words is a blessing and even a bigger blessing when she learns to accept her mistake.

“I have already apologized to my baby outside the camera, but I have decided to apologize publicly because I disrespected him publicly, that was so wrong of me…” Dorea stated as she apologized in a video. She also went ahead to a shame herself accepting that her statement was wrong.

Her statement raised an uproar in the social media with Kenyans reacting differently to her statement and apology.

Dorea Chege Apologises to Lover DJ Dibul
Screenshot of the comments section.

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“Boy run. A man should never ignore red flags.” Elly commented.

“Dorea Chege you are admirable, it shows a lot of respect, apologizing to your man and owning your mistakes. No one is perfect.” Martha commented.

“Heee! Wanaume hapa njee mnavumilia ujinga.” I am kamaau commented.

“Apology or not, No Respect Here.” Sheez commented on the video.

“We already know her earns less.”Superg commented.

“If you give this man money, he will look exactly like Dj Mo, we can read insufficiency in his face. You just confirmed it. I advise a fellow brother to be very keen…vumilia madharau within the house, if it gets this public. To millions of Kenyans, you’d better run. Man, you have what it takes to get millions of ladies out here…plan accordingly and leave next time it gets public.” Mofat shared his wisdom on the comment section.

Dorea in a statement stated that people were judging her because of what she said, that has continued to raise a lot of question on whether, the apology is from a point of being judged or from a point of her statement being wrong? Kenyans have taken the seat of the jury.

Dorea Chege has a great following of 681k on Instagram.

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