Does Baldness in Women Equate to Confidence?

Women in bald

In a society where physical appearance is always linked to self-esteem, baldness has long been associated with men.


Women who choose to go bald have however defied the norm and redefined what beauty is demonstrating an inner sense of self-assurance that radiates outward, motivating others to embrace their uniqueness and discover self-confidence despite cultural standards or preconceived societal expectations.

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Here are women who have rocked the bald hairstyle confidently;

The young creator, famously known for her online diary dubbed ‘The Oddity’ has always been proud of her bald hairstyle. Sofi, who hails from Nigeria, has also been recognized for calling herself ‘the bald Nigerian’ online and developing her hairstyle as part of her online brand.

Sofi. Photo: COURTESY

The fashion enthusiast has used her platform online to encourage body positivity and confidence among other women.

The Kenyan fashion blogger who was previously featured in Essence Magazine for rocking bald head has shown that women don’t need long hair to be beautiful or confident.

She affirmed that her bald head gave her a sense of confidence writing,;

It’s given me a new type of confidence I never thought I had.

Joy Kendi. Photo: COURTESY

Joy Kendi has been recognized for being a trendsetter for women who rock their bald heads in confidence.

The world-renowned actress and EGOT winner previously attributed her baldness to alopecia, revealing that the condition caused her to develop self-esteem issues. Alopecia areata is a condition that results in hair loss when the immune system destroys hair follicles.

Viola Davis rocking short hair. Photo: COURTESY

The actress says that she had to accept her condition with time, even sharing her hair loss journey with the public. She has become a source of inspiration for women facing similar challenges. Viola Davis exemplifies the strength and courage it takes to accept oneself and redefine beauty on one’s own terms.

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While baldness itself may not automatically equate to confidence in women, the act of embracing their baldness can be a powerful statement of self-acceptance and empowerment.


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