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Deputy President Urges Kenyan Athletes to Invest Wisely for a Secure Future

In a reception ceremony held at State House Today, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua lauded Kenyan athletes for their remarkable achievements and urged them to make prudent investment decisions to avoid financial difficulties after retirement.


The event honoured world record holders Faith Kipyegon and Ferdinand Omanyala, who have brought glory to Kenya on the international stage.

Expressing concern over the plight of retired athletes living in poverty despite their past success, Gachagua emphasized the importance of wise financial planning. He specifically addressed Faith Kipyegon, the current record holder in the 1500 and 5000-meter races, offering his assistance and guidance in investment matters.


“It is disheartening to witness individuals who have attained great success and fame struggle with poverty during their retirement. I encourage Faith and Omanyala to explore avenues for investment,” Gachagua said.

DP. Gachagua, a seasoned businessman, invited Kipyegon to seek his advice should she require assistance in managing her earnings. “Faith, if you ever need help in figuring out how to invest your earnings, I am available. I have extensive experience in business and can provide you with the guidance you need to succeed,” he added.

During the ceremony, the government rewarded Kipyegon with Ksh 5 million for one of her records and a Ksh 6 million home for the other. This recognition reflects the nation’s appreciation for her exceptional achievements.

Deputy president

The event also saw Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Art, and Youth Affairs, Ababu Namwamba, express gratitude to the President for his unwavering support to the sports and art sectors. Namwamba highlighted the recent launch of the Talanta Hela initiative, aimed at identifying, nurturing, marketing, and monetizing talent across various fields.

Furthermore, Namwamba reaffirmed the government’s commitment to establishing a reward scheme and guidelines for honouring Kenyan athletes who break world records or achieve significant international and regional milestones. He emphasized that Kenyan sportsmen and women are the country’s most valuable exports, showcasing Kenya’s identity on the global stage.

“As a ministry, we firmly believe that Kenya’s sportspeople are our primary ambassadors to the world. They represent our nation in a way that nothing else can. Faith’s incredible feat of breaking two world records within one week has truly put Kenya in the international spotlight, and it is crucial that we find ways to honour and appreciate such extraordinary accomplishments,” Namwamba stated.

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The government’s support and recognition of athletes like Kipyegon and Omanyala signify a positive step towards nurturing talent and ensuring a secure future for Kenya’s sports professionals. It is hoped that these initiatives will inspire athletes to make informed financial decisions, enabling them to thrive long after their retirement from competitive sports.

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