Communication is the Key Value for a Healthy Relationship

Lack of communication in relationships has unfortunately led to rise in suicide and violent incidents. This occurs when a couple fails to communicate when an issue arises., and one of them loses interest in the other but fails to communicate this fact.


For instance, one partner may loose interest in the relationship and instead of communicating, they neglect the arising issue by benefiting from perks such as dates and gifts while withholding the truth about their feelings.

Communication is the Key Value for a Healthy Relationship.
PHOTO/COURTESY: A couple having coffee at a restaurant.

While neglecting that your partner still has feelings for you, he or she remains emotionally invested until they witness you entering a new relationship, which greatly affects them.

As a result, some individuals may experience severe emotional distress, leading to depression and feelings of resentment. Consequently, they may isolate themselves and avoid confiding in anyone close to them due to feelings of shame.

The lack of communication in relationships can have devastating consequences, even leading to thoughts of suicide, as individuals may feel it is their only means of escaping the pain or they may cause harm to their perceived partner.

This phenomenon becomes more complex when viewed through the lens of African households, where expressions of love from parents or guardians may be challenging to hear.

Consequently, when someone enters their life and demonstrates affection, it becomes all the more painful when they later reveal dissatisfaction or disappointment. However, if we prioritize open and honest communication about love and consistently back it up with actions, it can create a safe environment for our children to openly share their hidden problems and concerns.

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Communication is the Key Value for a Healthy Relationship.
PHOTO/COURTESY: A couple in disagreement, Photo concept.

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Additionally, the world itself has also shown distrust among people whereby there is so much hate. With these current relationships whereby there is open relationships and entanglements it is just a matter of who is satisfied.

It is scary to know that people are getting into relationships when they know that they are in several already. Some end up becoming obsessed with one partner and end up leaving or even killing the other to get them out of their way.

This is shocking as there should be more awareness campaigns of how these relationships may cause diseases such as HIV/AIDs and Sexual Transmitted Infections.

However, it is not a surprise to find out that some youths are currently not scared of these diseases, because of lack of employment and thus they may not care for their future.

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The government should try and hold guidance and counselling for the youth in various constituencies. They should hold talks among those youths to listen to their problems and help them come with solutions that may favour both the youth themselves and the county governments.


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