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Celebrities Who Came Out This Year

Coming out of the closet, often shortened to coming out, is a term used by people in the LGBTQ+ community when they are able to freely express and share with the world about their sexuality. For some, it is celebrated and welcomed and for others, it is met with exile.


Over the past years, we have had many celebrities open up about their sexuality like Demi Lovato, Ellen DeGeneres, Laverne Cox, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delavigne, Kristen Stewart, Elton John and Billy Porter. They have shared their challenges as well as embraced that side of them that they surprised for a while.

In 2023, some celebrities came out and shared with the world that they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Here is the list of celebrities who came out;

Noah Schnapps

The Stranger Things Star, took his fans by surprise when he posted on his Tiktok and captioned it that suggested he already came out to his loved ones. The caption reads I guess I am more similar to Will than I thought.


Yung Miami

While appearing on the Revolt, Jason Lee show, the rapper shared that she would want to sleep with Megan Thee Stallion.



The comedian came out on stage during her Netflix special, My Name Is Monique. She shares with her audience that she waited out of fear of judgement.



He opened up about being bisexual on a podcast with Emm Roda. He said that he is more of a vibe guy than a gender. He goes on to say;


I think the best answer I have is that I’m not, not gay.


Celebrities who came out in 2022.

Alison Bree

She announces she is bisexual while responding to a thirsty comment made by a fan towards her and Dave Franco. She shared that the same reason she is bisexual is to also engage in a threesome.


It is only halfway through the year but celebrities are deciding that they want to live this year in their truth.

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