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Catholics Call for the Vatican to Include LGBTQ Catholics and Women in Leadership

Catholics call on the Vatican to include LGBTQ Catholics and to uphold women in leadership. There are a few social issues facing the Catholic Church that determine its future.

Vatican to include LGBTQ and women in leadership

This was outlined in a 50 paged document written as food for thought for the ‘Synod and Sydonality, a meeting with the Bishops and lay community. 

In October 2023, a meeting with Bishops and the lay community from all around the world is to be held. This will mark the first meeting with a second phase scheduled for October 2024. 

The gathering aims to bring together over 1.3 billion Catholics from all continents. Pope Francis launched it to ensure the Catholic Church is a more inclusive space for marginalized communities. This invite goes to everyone who wants to express their views and opinions regarding social issues. 

“What measures need to be taken to welcome those that feel excluded from the church because of their status or sexuality?” This was one of the questions asked on the inclusion of marginalized groups. The status or sexuality includes the LGBTQ community and those in polygamous marriages. 

Within the document, there’s a unanimous concern for the role of women in the Catholic Church. This comes as the Pope allowed women and lay to vote in the Synod for the very first time. This concern is equally with the Vatican leadership and the Catholics as a whole. 

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In response to this, more women have been appointed to the places of responsibility. They now have places of power within the Curia, the government of the Holy See. 

The Pope speaks to the inclusion of marginalised groups
Pope Francis addresses the need for women involvement.PHOTO/Credits

Outlined in the document, some questions seek to know where else women need to be included. This is for better representation of Catholic women in decision-making and leadership spaces within the Catholic Church. 

There’s a sensitive area of involving women in the deacon role within the Catholic Church. Many find this controversial especially due to the outline of the Bible and past notions created. Presently, only men can be deacons and they serve the role of baptisms, weddings, funerals and other events. 

In addition to this, there’s the question of offering married men leadership spaces such as priesthood. In Catholicism, priests are supposed to swear celibacy and be unmarried. 

These topics and issues brought forward caused a growing rift between conservatives and progressives. With many needing to maintain the culture of Catholicism and others pushing for progression through inclusively of all marginalized people.

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