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Casual Dating Should be Normailsed

Have you thought of having commitment-free and emotionless flings that just happen for that particular time and that’s it? Well, then you are in the right spot.


Situationships and entanglements have been with us all along and are nothing new, so it’s time we got used to having casual partners and figuring out a practical solution to clandestine affairs.

By dating casually, we teach our minds and hearts the art of lowering expectations of people we just met. Situation-ships are preferred because they are less emotionally destructive than relationships because it’s one day at a time, living the traveller’s life that enjoys the experience knowing it won’t last forever.

You don’t feel entitled, you don’t ask silly questions, you can’t feel sad just because the other person didn’t do this or that for you, hasn’t bought you a present on your birthday or didn’t respond to your last message.

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 With the current dynamics of dating, in Nairobi especially, where dating is actually considered an extreme sport, the chances of getting hurt are exponential.

The only way we can be safe from heartbreaks is by allowing our culture to accept casual dates and setting boundaries.

This is where casual dating comes in because there’s less emotional involvement or investment. Here, it’s a plain game where everyone’s cards are on the table.

Moreover, casual relationships give you room for adventure and discovering yourself and what works for you because you have more time to focus on other important things in your life than just one person in the name of love. It broadens your perspective on love and life, and couldn’t just be the beginning of your happily-ever-after moments

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Most people will prefer situation-ships to avoid some of these questions; the what ifs, where-are-you, who-is-so-and-so-to-you and other intrusive questions. Basically, a situation-ship hangs on mutual respect and understanding.

 Sometimes all you might need is some good company and compatibility in a way that you have things happening as they come without unnecessary attachments that eventually hurt your feelings when you don’t really get what you give.

The sooner we accept dating people casually without getting clingy, the better.  

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 Let’s save ourselves from relationship shenanigans, heartbreaks and lonely nights by grabbing a casual date. We should all accept dating people casually without getting clingy for our own good. 

Who knows, it might graduate into something concrete. It’s easy to come back from a mere situation ship than from an exclusive, committed relationship that has lasted half a decade.


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