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British Flight Grounded Over Pungent Smell

A British Airways Boeing 777 flight scheduled to depart from New York’s JFK Airport to London Heathrow was abruptly grounded after passengers and crew were overwhelmed by a pervasive and repugnant smell, triggering a swift response from emergency services.


The incident unfolded moments before takeoff when Flight BA102, carrying over 300 passengers and crew, was preparing to depart on its transatlantic journey. As the engines powered up and the aircraft began taxiing on the runway, an unbearable odor filled the cabin, causing immediate distress among those on board.

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Passengers and crew members were reportedly taken aback by the intensity of the smell, describing it as a noxious and foul stench that quickly permeated the entire aircraft. Concerns over the safety and well-being of the passengers prompted the flight crew to make a critical decision, opting to reconsider the takeoff and prioritize the welfare of those on board.

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According to insider sources, The Sun has learned that passengers on the affected British Airways flight expressed complaints about a mysterious odor that caused feelings of illness and discomfort.

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“The pilot took no chances and aborted take-off. Back on the stand, police and the fire crew came onboard to investigate but couldn’t detect any harmful fumes, just the odd smell.

“It was a huge worry because some crew had reacted with headaches, itchy eyes, and reported a metal taste in their mouth.

“At the eleventh hour, with the service about to hit the runway, the authorities decided the plane was not safe to go.”

A witness described the incident as “pandemonium”.

The cancellation of the flight resulted in passengers being rescheduled onto subsequent flights, leading to significant travel disruptions and causing widespread chaos.

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This incident marked another occurrence of a similar nature. Back in April, a flight bound for New York was compelled to return to its departure point due to an unmistakable foul odor. Regrettably, in this case, the cause was evident: the toilets on the aircraft had been so severely clogged by passengers that the flight crew had no choice but to reverse the plane.


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