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Breaking a Guinness World Record: What You Need to Know

Days after Hilda Baci was declared the Guinness World Record Holder, another Nigerian chef, Damilola Aperusi (Chef Dammy), was the face of controversy after she tried to break Hilda’s record.


The chef said that she planned to cook for 120 hours, 27 more hours than Hilda’s 93 hours and 11 minutes record. The Guinness World Record has distanced itself from Chef Dammy’s cook-a-thon saying that the organization has not received an application from her to make her eligible to break Hilda Baci’s longest cooking marathon by an individual.

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Guinness World Records are not broken overnight, the organization provides the application process through their website.

The Guinness World Record is a British reference book that is published every year and lists world records of human achievements and extremes of the natural world such as the tallest person alive among others.

Chef Dammy and Hilda Baci.

Application Process

  1. Register for a Guinness World Record account through the organization’s website.
  2. On the website, search for the record that you intend to break. If it isn’t there, apply for a new record title.
  3. Complete an application form that will be provided for the specified record to be broken. The review of an application takes an estimated period of 12 weeks depending on the number of applications received.
  4. Once the application is approved, Guinness World Record provides Record Guidelines and a Guide to Your Evidence. The Record Guidelines outlines what is expected of the competitor in order to break the record. Guide to your Evidence outlines the evidence required to be submitted to the organization for review in order to be declared the new record holder. This allows for ease of review by the organization.
  5. After submitting evidence, the organization’s records management team is charged with assessing evidence and ascertaining whether the record has been broken. They are also responsible for issuing winning competitors with a GWR Record-Holder Certificate. The estimated review time for the evidence is 12 weeks.

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The organization asserts that there is no monetary reward for being a record holder but the title comes with prestige and recognition.


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