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Brazil to play Spain friendly in anti-racism game in support of Vinicius Jr

Brazil will play Spain in a friendly in March next year as part of an anti-racism campaign in support of Vinicius Jr.


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The game will be played at the Bernabeu that is home of Brazil winger Vinicius’ club side Real Madrid.

However, Vinicius was the target of racist abuse multiple times in Spain while playing for Real in the past campaign.

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“There is no place for racist insults in our football,” said Spanish Football Association president Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales and Brazilian FA (CBF) counterpart Ednaldo Rodrigues launched their anti-racism campaign under the slogan “One skin”.

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“It is important to understand that harder punishment needs to be applied in cases of racism by the football authorities,” said Rodrigues. “Fines are not enough. The clubs need to be held accountable too.

“CBF was the first football federation to adopt harder sanctions for cases of racism, such as the deduction of points in league standings, closure of stands or the lifetime expulsion of club members.

“We need to lead a campaign worldwide to fight against this virus that shames everyone in football.”

In addition, Brazil plays Guinea in Barcelona on Saturday and Senegal in Lisbon three days later.

The latest incident of Vinicius being racially abused in Spain came when Real Madrid played Valencia in May.

Vinicius, whose red card for violent conduct late in the match was rescinded, later said the Spanish league “belongs to racists”.

Astonishingly, La Liga president Javier Tebas and the league’s handling of the incident were widely condemned after he told Vinicius on social media that “you need to inform yourself properly”.

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Tebas later apologised to Vinicius, saying he did not mean to “attack” the 22-year-old.

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“It is intolerable that such events like what happened with Valencia take place in our country,” said Rubiales.

“I feel sorry because it doesn’t represent our country and who we are and tarnish our reputation worldwide. “We have a problem with racism and have to fight.”


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